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The Adirondack Labyrinth is in progress! A project now in its third year in the making, guests will enjoy the new amenity of walking the outdoor Asa Adirondack labyrinth beginning in June, 2023.


A labyrinth (not a maze) is a powerful tool of contemplation and reflection that has tangible benefits of stress reduction and calm for our physical and emotional bodies. There is one path in, and one path out, and impossible to get lost. 

Asa Adirondack is building our outdoor labyrinth as a replica of the amazing labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France in partnership with the Legacy Labyrinth Project. Renowned labyrinth designer Tony M. Christie of Ireland is the lead designer of this labyrinth.

We have set aside May 4-14, 2023, as volunteer days to complete the labyrinth. Come for a day solo or bring a group; get in volunteer hours for your organization, and we will be happy to feed you and make it fun! Email us below. 



Soothe Body & Brain

Studies are now showing that walking a labyrinth balances the hemispheres of the human brain, calms the nervous system, and enhances mood and general sense of well-being.


Mysterious Origins

The origins of the labyrinth are lost to us, but labyrinths are built on sacred geometry and have been found across continents and cultures dating back 5,000 years. 


Global Healing & Peace

The labyrinth at Asa Adirondack is part of a global network of labyrinths dedicated to creating a coherent field of healing and peace that begins within each of us first.

Adirondack Labyrinth

Adirondack Labyrinth

Adirondack Labyrinth
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Adirondack Labyrinth Volunteers Building Away!

Adirondack Labyrinth Volunteers Building Away!

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Adirondack Labyrinth Progress: Center to Sky and Back

Adirondack Labyrinth Progress: Center to Sky and Back

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The Story Unfolding

Slumbering through winter

The labyrinth laying under deep winter snow.

Working away under immense heat

Almost 20 volunteers in all came from Philosophers Camp and Legacy Labyrinth Project to help birth this amazing labyrinth in the hottest week of the summer from July 15-22.

The cement pour!

Tha labyrinth after days and days of site work just before the cement pour on July 19 for the heart and the six petals of the labyrinth.

June Progress

So much work in the foundation which took over 240,000 pounds of stone.

Watch this space for more updates!

Site work continues now until July. Watch this space for updated images!

Foundations laid

As soon as the ground thawed enough, Larry used our heavy equipment to begin creating the base which needs time and wind and rain to settle. Next comes the truckloads of stone base!

Nestled between land, water, and sky

The Lower Beaver Pond hugs the edges of the southern portion of the labyrinth site. A garden picnic area will overlook both.

Choosing the site

With 100 mountainous acres, we found the perfect spot for our 65-foot wide labyrinth: in between our two beaver ponds and cut into a hillside! Larry used his amazing vision and gift as "gardener of the land" to visualize this over the fall and winter of 2022.

It all began...

The idea for building a labyrinth came in Winter 2020 when Christine met the creator of Mary's Labyrinth​ in Saskatchewan. Instantly, she knew that this land was to be home to another sacred walking tool. The Adirondack Labyrinth will join Mary's Labyrinth as one of 7 labyrinths in the world dedicated to global peace and healing. July, 20 volunteers are coming from all over the United States to do the actual build. Many hands and hearts and sweat and some tears will make this a reality.

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