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Tend to the Garden of Your Soul

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

There is a theme running throughout the beautiful and challenging novel "The Shack" where Mac, the main character faces those dark places within himself on his journey to wholeness. It is that of a garden. A soul garden, literally.

Each of us has those hidden corners boarded up within us. Shadowy, vague, thorny, untouchable, and certainly we wish for these places to be unseeable. To ourselves, but most of all, to others.

We have this belief that we have places that are unloveable. Unworthy. We lock these places away deep in our psyches, where the weeds keep growing in the dark. But being unlovable is a fallacy. We are worthy of love simply because we exist; because we have chosen to come here and have a physical experience on a planet of duality.

Coming to Asa Adirondack, and even more deeply when working with me, is like gently pulling the weeds in the garden of your soul. Shining the healing balm of sunshine, listening to joyful birdsong, washing away the dross on the waves of the winds, walking paths of life unedited and untamed, basking in the vitality of nature ~ this is the opportunity awaiting you here.

Come. We've prepared a lovely spot of respite and sanctuary for you.

Blessings from the Asa,


P.S. For a deep dive into tending to the garden of your soul, explore if a Philosophers Camp is right for you.

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